Holding a Mock Election

The Caramel Apple Election provides a great way for kids to learn about voting and the election process. Caramel Apple Elections can be held in your classroom, neighborhood, club or community organization.  

Materials You will Need:
The Caramel Apple Election Book- order your copies here
Caramel Apple I Voted Stickers (template included in book)
Caramel Apple Voting Ballots (template included in book)
Caramel Apple Voter Registration Form (
Free Download here)
Caramel Apple Election Lesson Plan Overview (Free Download here
Tally Sheets and Bar Graph Sheets
Ballot Box
Green and Red Apples cut into bite size pieces
Caramel Dip

Steps for Having an Election:    Round up your Volunteers!
Step 1 - Have Students or Volunteers read The Caramel Apple Election Book
Step 2 - Discuss concepts & integrate activities on the Lesson Plan Overview
Step 3 - Complete Voter Registration Forms
Step 4 - Allow voters to taste red apples & green apples dipped in caramel
Step 5 - Allow voters to cast Caramel Apple Election Ballots into Ballot Box
Step 6 - Distribute "I Voted" stickers to voters
Step 7 - Tabulate the ballots and allow voters to graph or tally the results
Step 8 - Announce the Winner of your Caramel Apple Election!

For more fun.............
*Have a contest to determine which voter spotted all the Eagles in the book.
*Have a contest to determine who can count and accurately state the number of red and green apples throughout the book. 
*Invite a local city or state official to talk about the election process.
*Visit the Caramel Apple Election store (Coming Soon).

Let us know when your Caramel Apple Election is to be held and which apple won your election!

FEEL FREE TO CONTACT US AT vote@caramelappleelection.com

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