Ideas for Educators

Primary Subjects: Voting, History, Social Studies, Civics             Secondary Subjects:  Language Arts, Math

Learning Strategies




Discuss the Importance and Purpose of Voting – making your opinions count!

Being a Good Citizen means volunteering and participating in the voting and elections process.

Identify Voting Procedures & how they have changed, while participating in Caramel Apple mock election.

Historically everyone was not allowed to vote.  Discuss Obstacles to voting  (poll tax, literacy requirements, etc.).

Discuss Constitutional Amendments and Voting Laws described in the book to overcome obstacles (19th, 26th).

Voter requirements and registration; memorize & transcribe Demographics on Voter Registration Form, discuss how obeying laws is a prerequisite to voting.

Accurately Completing Voting Ballots. Describe 1 person-1 vote concept, anonymity when voting, paper vs electronic.

Review Age Appropriate Vocabulary and/or Spelling Words chosen from Book (red, green, election, voting, ballot, minority, majority, volunteer, debate, Amendment, etc.).

Practice location and observation skills when finding our national bird (eagles); Discuss other state/national symbols.

Practice estimating, counting, tallying & graphing; Discuss how many votes to reach a majority in the class or school.

Read The Caramel Apple Election Book

Complete Caramel Apple Election Voter Registration Form

Count Eagles in Book & discuss national bird and other national and state symbols

Bar Graph number of red apples vs number of green apples in book

Assign each student a volunteer role in The Caramel Apple Election

Enjoy a healthy snack--Apples!

Hold Caramel Apple Election in school/class, using Ballots from book

Distribute I Voted Stickers from book

Tally and graph votes of election;  estimate winner

Draw a campaign poster & slogan. Include why red or green is your favorite apple

Invite city/state officials to discuss voting process; visit poll location

The Caramel Apple Election Book

I Voted stickers (template in book)

Voting Ballots (template in book)

Caramel Apple Voter Registration Form-on website

Tally Sheet

Bar Graph Sheet

Ballot Box (great art project for kids)

Apples and Dip


Review Voter Registration Form for accuracy, completeness, penmanship

Vocabulary/Spelling Test; Vocab Crossword

Review Tally Sheets

Review Bar Graph Sheets

Age appropriate rubric for campaign picture, slogan, essay.

Signature using cursive writing on voter registration form

Class Observation


Contact your state Secretary of State office to see what election materials are offered to complement your Caramel Apple Election

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